Africa PFM Column


We Believe in Creating GREATER Freedom For Your SUCCESS


Our goal is to ensure you are empowered to deliver your mandate by strengthening your capacity and thereby enhancing compliance with financial management best practice.


Sound Public Financial Management (PFM) systems are essential for effective and sustainable economic management and public service delivery. These are non-negotiable pre-requisites for development and economic growth. Institutions are effective and accountable when their governance programs are underpinned by sound PFM practices and systems. Socio economic development Good and sound PFM systems are also indispensable in ensuring aid effectiveness leading to economic development and poverty reduction/eradication.


Our Ca-public (CapaBuil) philosophy supports the view that, when Public Sector Officials understand the benefits of sound financial management that meets international standards such as IPSAS, they deliver quality decisions which in turn: Promotes growth and development in the private sector; Enhances transparency and accountability in the use of public resources; Improves the design and delivery of vital public services; Enhances the effectiveness of development assistance; Attracts foreign direct investment - Adapted from IFAC – Accountabilty.Now


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