Governments: National & Devolved Governments


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Finance and strategic leadership in government is critical to national development.


Strategic Leadership

If you don’t seek the future, it will creep on you and overrun you!


National and Devolved Governments nowadays operate by competing for opportunities in the global market place. Some national economies will steadfastly flourish and others will flounder. Only the most adaptive, most strategic, the smartest and the most visionary will excel, boom, win and dominate. How prepared is your government? Are you driving prosperity through a smart national development agenda thereby open new ladders of change and opportunity for your citizens? What is your long-term strategy? Capabuil solutions will give you an unparalleled head start.


Devolved governments (County or Local) hold great promise for the public with unprecedented success possibilities for society. Depending on what success represents for a devolved (County or Local) government, getting the priorities wrong can hurt growth prospects for generations. Over time, if well managed, devolved governments have the potential to significantly realize much needed socio economic progress and transformation for citizens.


Public Financial Management

When Public Sector Officials understand the benefits of sound financial management that meets international standards such as IPSAS, they deliver quality decisions which in turn: Promotes growth and development in the private sector; Enhances transparency and accountability in the use of public resources; Improves the design and delivery of vital public services; Enhances the effectiveness of development assistance; Attracts foreign direct investment - Adapted from IFAC – Accountabilty.Now


Our number one goal at CapaBuil is to help you enhance compliance with Public Financial Management Best practice. This includes compliance with International Accounting & reporting standards, relevant PFM Laws, Governance best practice, Audit & Risk Management, Budgeting, Stakeholder management and reporting, and other support necessary to strengthen your Public Financial Management systems and processes.


Your CapaBuil Success Touchstone

We recommend the Strategic & Operational actions below to anchor sustainable success for your government.


Service Performance

  • Develop policy frameworks for service quality assurance
  • Roll out infrastructure for service performance tracking and reporting
  • Conduct service beneficiary monitoring to inform success and Value For Money – Involve citizens in driving change
  • Develop a Brand and Stakeholder engagement strategy

Process Optimization

  • Invest in quality customer service driven processes
  • Leverage modern technology for service delivery
  • Implement strategies to eliminate wastage and thereby enhance efficiency
  • Audit process relevance to shorten service delivery cycle time
  • Consider measures to eliminate defects in services
  • Develop processes for environment sustainability CSR causes
  • Have in place formal processes for innovations development
  • Strengthen processes for regulatory /legal compliance
  • Build infrastructure for regular strategic performance review

People Development& Learning

  • Identify role performance skills gaps (Competency based gap analysis)
  • Train staff thereby align competencies and responsibilities
  • Roll out leadership development program for staff
  • Re-examine corporate culture and test its suitability
  • Review governance processes fit for your vision
  • Enhance staff empowerment, performance rewards and motivation programs
  • Build a learning organization through appropriate technology and communication infrastructure
  • Strengthen Risk Management & Governance Infrastructure and processes

Financial Stewardship

  • Ensure fiscal sustainability
  • Streamline and enhance compliance with accounting and reporting requirements
  • Conform to requirements of the PFM Laws (Acts and Regulations)
  • Adopt appropriate technologies for financial management
  • Link all budgetary expenditure to strategic vision and mission
  • Allocate resources that support SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in line with the strategic priorities
  • Enhance asset investment and use

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