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Financial reporting plays a key role in telling the story about what and where an organization has been creating and investing its resources.

Financial Reports convey information about revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities and net assets of an organization thereby enabling users of the information to both understand as well as take informed decisions based on their rational or otherwise interests in the reporting entity.

Financial reporting on its own is insufficient without an ANALYSIS of the numbers and stories shared in the financial reports. That’s why analysis and interpretation of the financial information becomes critical in enabling the information users have a deeper understanding of whether the organization is moving in the right direction while at the same time uncovering hidden risks and problems the organization may be facing.

Regardless of the sector you operate in, the CapaBuil Team of seasoned experts will enable you get a better and fresh sense of how to both prepare and present your financial reports taking into account standards sanctioned by regulators as well as best practice trends (e.g. Integrated Reporting) while at the same time empowering you to have an advantage of clearly visualizing the hidden details (Through Financial Analysis) for precise and smarter informed decisions.

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