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Tax ranks high on your corporate list of regulatory compliance requirements. You can’t escape it- You can only manage it. We will help you successfully manage your tax compliance by both offering compliance support as well as quality world class training solutions.  

Tax Advisory

Prudence demands that you anticipate all kinds of “landmines” along your business terrain and proactively address these before they impair or even collapse your organization. We offer tax advisory services that enable you avoid losses associated with non compliance or failure of strategic systems in anticipating and addressing tax regulatory obligations on a timely and strategic basis particularly where transactions are of a complex nature.

This encompasses speedy identification and recognition of imminent tax risks followed by smart measures to diffuse/mitigate them in a strategic way.

We will help you enhance your tax planning strategy to maximize corporate value and ensure effective compliance with regulatory requirements at both local and international levels. We handle client needs on a context by context basis, preceded by a thorough assessment of your tax obligations scenario.

Tax Training

We offer high quality training on Tax Compliance requirements and Tax Governance best practice. Regulations governing tax are constantly evolving and keeping up to date with them is essential to effectively meeting your corporate goals.

The CapaBuil quarterly Tax trainings aim to equip you with an up-to date coverage and review of salient issues in tax law and related regulatory compliance requirements.

Our training incorporate lectures, case studies analyses, round tables, discussions and Practical real life illustrations to ensure that optimal learning occurs.

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Tax Quiz & FAQs

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