Upcoming events

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BFDE 809: Budgeting, Forecasting & Data Analysis Using Excel, MOMBASA 27-May-2019
EME 101: Excel Modeling Essentials For Beginners, MOMBASA 27-May-2019
IACP 705: Audit Committee Training, MOMBASA 27-May-2019
WCCE 501: World Class Call Center Management MASTERCLASS, MOMBASA 27-May-2019
ESME 303 II: Analytics And Excel Spreadsheet Data Modeling Convention Advanced, MOMBASA 27-May-2019
MWRE 101: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Report Writing Practical Skills, MOMBASA 27-May-2019
SCMT 101: Strategic Change Management Seminar, MOMBASA 27-May-2019
MAC 122: Advanced Management & Cost Accounting Workshop, ARUSHA 03-Jun-2019
HRA 602: Workforce Analytics and Talent Management Seminar, Mombasa 03-Jun-2019
EPAT 102: Office Etiquette & Personal Finance For Drivers & Office Assistants, KISUMU 03-Jun-2019
WTME 603: HRM Excel Spreadsheet Modelling & Workforce Analytics, MSA 03-Jun-2019
TCST 403: Strategic Tax Compliance Management Conference, MOMBASA 03-Jun-2019
OGIAP 200: Oil And Gas Infrastructure Accounting & Law Seminar, MOMBASA 03-Jun-2019
ESME 302 I: Analytics - Excel Financial Modeling Convention Intermediate Level, MOMBASA 03-Jun-2019
IFMIE 341: IFMIS E-Procurement Practical Training, MOMBASA 03-Jun-2019
IPFMP 101: PFM Oversight For Auditors, Audit Commit', Boards & Legistlators, DUBAI 03-Jun-2019
PFCP 201: Pension Funds Investment & Finance Management Compliance Seminar, MOMBASA 03-Jun-2019
PFMP 107: County & National Government Entities Public Financial Management, ARUSHA 03-Jun-2019
PFMP 126: PFM Policy Development & Implementation Seminar, MOMBASA 03-Jun-2019
PFOP 200: Public Sector Finance & Procurement Officers' Bi-Annual Seminar, MOMBASA 03-Jun-2019