Upcoming events

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AEDRE 101: Advanced Excel Modeling and Dashboard Reporting Practicals For Senior Executives, ARUSHA 23-Sep-2019
DESP 101: Devolution Effectiveness Seminar, MOMBASA 23-Sep-2019
ETPT 200: Executive Tax & Payroll Administration International Course, DUBAI 23-Sep-2019
ITCT 101: International Tax Compliance Seminar, DUBAI 23-Sep-2019
ITPT 102: International Trade and Transfer Pricing Convention, DUBAI 23-Sep-2019
PSBP 132: County Budgeting, Budget Control and Analysis for Public Sector, ARUSHA 23-Sep-2019
HRAE 502: Advanced Business Etiquette, Protocal & Governance Course. MOMBASA 23-Sep-2019
NMDT 100: New Managers Induction and Development Program, MOMBASA 23-Sep-2019
PSMDT 202: Procurement and Supplies Management for Donor Funded Projects, MOMBASA 23-Sep-2019
TACT 301: International Tax Essentials for Auditors & Audit Committees, DUBAI 23-Sep-2019
ERMT 603 Records Managament and Administrative Effectiveness, MOMBASA 23-Sep-2019
PFGT 201: Public Finance & Tax Policy For Senior Public Sector Officers, DUBAI 23-Sep-2019
PRGT 400: Public Relations and Effective Communications Seminar, MOMBASA 23-Sep-2019
CDM 501: Credit Control & Analysis Workshop, Mombasa 30-Sep-2019
PSBP 132A: Advanced Budgeting, Budget Control, Analysis & Oversight for Public Sector, ARUSHA 30-Sep-2019
TTT 113: Train The Trainers Annual Convention, MOMBASA 30-Sep-2019
PFOP 101: Public Finance for Board Committees, Legislators & Independent Commission, DUBAI 30-Sep-2019
PSASP 105: Public Sector Accounting Standards International Conference, DUBAI 30-Sep-2019
IFRS 405: IFRS Immersion & Technical Competencies Workshop, MOMBASA 30-Sep-2019
PBLOP 103: MPs & MCAs Legislators PFM & Budget Oversight Course, DUBAI 30-Sep-2019