Upcoming events

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PFIAP 101: Public Finance Oversight for Auditors, Audit Commit., Boards & Legislators, SINGAPORE 28-Oct-2019
FCGP 202: Public Finance and Corporate Governance, SINGAPORE 28-Oct-2019
CNGFP 504: Public Sector Accounting Standards & Finance Management Course, ARUSHA 28-Oct-2019
ESME 303 II: Analytics and Excel Spreadsheet Data Modeling Convention - Advanced, MOMBASA 28-Oct-2019
CNGFP 504:Public Sector Accounting Standards and Finance Management Course, ARUSHA 28-Oct-2019
ERDE 200: Excel Dashboard Reporting & Mangement Accounts for Senior Managers, DUBAI 04-Nov-2019
PSBP 131: Advanced Public Sector Budgeting & Analysis Seminar, ARUSHA 04-Nov-2019
ESME 100: Excel Spreadsheet Modeling For C-Suite Executives, DUBAI 04-Nov-2019
FPME 300: Forecasting and Predictive Modeling Seminar For Senior Executives, DUBAI 04-Nov-2019
IFRSE 704: IFRS 9 Modeling, MOMBASA 04-Nov-2019
WCCE 501: World Class Call Center Management Masterclass, MOMBASA 04-Nov-2019
IFME 101: Internal Auditors Skills In Financial Modeling Global Seminar, DUBAI 04-Nov-2019
RCBCP 101: Risk Compliance and Business Continuity Seminar, MOMBASA 04-Nov-2019
PSCP 301: Audit Compliance and Quality Assurance for National and County Governments, MOMBASA 04-Nov-2019
PFMP 126: Implementation of the PFM Act Regulations Seminar, MOMBASA 04-Nov-2019
PSBP 131: Advanced Public Sector Budgeting and Analysis Seminar, ARUSHA 04-Nov-2019
SAPP 202: SAP Oil And Gas Training - Trading and Scheduling, MOMBASA 04-Nov-2019
PBLOP 103: MPs & MCAs Legislators PFM & Budget Oversight Course, SINGAPORE 11-Nov-2019
DBRE 102: Financial Modeling, Data Analytics and Dashboard Reporting, MOMBASA 11-Nov-2019
BPRDE 805: Business Process Re-Engineering and Digital Transformation Training, MOMBASA 11-Nov-2019