Audit & Business Advisory Services

Integrated, Simplified, Improved


We assist in incorporating tax efficiency by managing your tax compliance burden efficiently and easing the increasing pressure of ever-changing regulations and tax complexities. Our business and Personal tax advice and solutions are relevant, practical and cost-efficient. They (not exclusively) include:

  • New Tax Procurements - Compliance & Impact Assessments
  • Corporate Tax Auditing
  • Managing Practical Tax Audits/Investigations & Compliance Strategies
  • Unified Payroll Return, Digital Tax & Tax Administration Implementation & Challenges
  • Transfer Pricing, Digital & International Tax
  • Taxation for NGOs/NPOs & Donor Funded Projects
  • Taxation for Saccos
  • All programs are backed by enabler skills development covering big data analytics, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence etc. depending on client needs.


Our advisory provides auditors with the tools and techniques they need to perform effective audits, including planning audit activities, executing the audit, documenting findings and communicating results to stakeholders.

  • Financial, Statutory & Systems Audit
  • Information Technology Audit & Data Analytics
  • Governance Audit & Risk Control for Business Continuity & Sustainability
  • Managing the Internal Audit Activity & Performing an Effective Quality assessment
  • Fraud Risk Assessment, Prevention, Detection, Forensic Audit & Investigation
  • Environmental Health & Safety Audit
  • Enterprise Risk Management Framework Development
  • Value for Money Audit, Project Management & Risk Analysis


We give key consideration to the innovative business culture that triggers massive customer value growth. We will help you achieve fanatical discipline that improves service excellence through empirical creativity & measured productivity.

  • Hybrid Project Management Approaches
  • Public Procurement Law, Practice Trends, Risks and Emerging Issues
  • Competency Profiling, Succession Planning and Workforce Management
  • Business Profitability, Turn-Arounds and Recovery
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Best Practices for Brands
  • Customer Service, Public Relations, Corporate Communication and Business Administration


We will help you achieve operational excellence by eliminating resource wastage and barriers that consume time thereby realizing strategic success. 

  • Six Sigma & Lean, Kaizen, BSC and Corporate Efficiency Management
  • Credit Management, Debt Collection, Prudent Cashflow Management Techniques
  • Secure Document Storage, Records Management, Digitization and Legislative Compliance
  • The Future of HR – Re Engineering the employee experience
  • Workforce Engagement and Team Operationalization

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