HR Analytics For HR Professionals

HR managers that dream of getting maximum value from their teams will know that having complete and accurate information is a key pre-requisite to their success. CapaBuil will help you achieve this in easy, friendly steps and methodologies based on data modeling techniques for HR Professionals.


The 21st-century organization faces a radically shifting context for the workforce and the entire culture of work. Major drivers of this shift include a rapid technological shift and faster adoption of innovation across communities. Despite this, numerous organizations are still held captive by industrial age human resource practices unsuitable for riding the wave of change sweeping global markets.


The HR function is primed to explore these emerging gaps between technology and current talent management methodologies to provide leadership for organizations to harness data through analytics and to help people adapt to new paradigms of work and careers and encourage synergy for positive transformation.


CapaBuil aims to equip all participants with requisite skills to collect, manage and analyze HR data. Our key outcome is a competent professional, able to conduct a logical analytic investigation into relevant HR metrics riding on supporting frameworks to ultimately deliver incisive business insights for competitive advantage.


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