Excel In-House Training

All our Excel trainings can be offered as a group Trainings for up to a group of 100 at half the price of scheduled trainings.

The in-house training is designed for companies to accommodate their need for staff development and training. Such training will be extremely beneficial to organizations that hire seasonal workers, ply a unique trade, are expanding rapidly or have staff skills need constant updating.

CapaBuil’s in-house training ensures you get tailor-made content specific to your organization’s needs.

Working with your team, we will be able to identify and address specific areas of interest and provide after-service consultancies to ensure smooth assimilation of the skills learned. Please see below some of our happy clients who have trained and some still consult with us.

The in-house sessions are facilitated by your company and do not have to take place on your premises. You reserve the right to choose an appropriate venue for your training while we handle the training materials, course coverage, supervision, and assessment.