Excel For Students

The modern student stands the best chance to achieve un-matched success if she/ he can demonstrate to employers the ability to easily model and crunch data thus generating valuable insights for business. You can be that in demand student/ graduate. CapaBuil will help you get ahead of the crowded pack!

Are you a student and want to learn about, refresh or advance your skills in excel? This course offers pocket-friendly training tailor-made to suit students across various disciplines. The seminars will also ensure that you network with professionals from various industries and get to learn how they use Excel in their daily duties and which analytical and reporting skills are the most important in the modern-day job market.

As a student, understanding Excel gives you a head start in the business world. Did you know that employees or workers with Excel skills earn 70% more than employees without such skills? Almost all business use Excel, in some form or the other, irrespective of the industry they exist in. most companies use it for finance, budgeting, marketing, reporting, and forecasting hence this program will make you the most sort of resource for any HR Manager.

Refresher Courses on offer are: Dashboards Skills for Presenting and communicating
Management Reports, Power Point, Excel Reports & Word and Monte Carlo Simulation for Revenue Analysis, Developing Flexible Dashboard using Form Controls, and Financial Gearing

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