Excel For Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions that have a desire to achieve strategic success by addressing all their data management problems in a user-friendly way thus realizing stress-free client service and support will find CapaBuil Excel modeling solution the ideal choice.


Financial institutions often have financial systems that help monitor and manipulate financial data from depositors, debtors, and investors. However, such systems are not often customized to meet the specific reporting and predictive needs of a number of financial institutions.


This program addresses this gap through a customized training trailed towards empowering employees to conduct yield calculation and analysis. This package will also help you in extensively developing migration and arrears reports using a number of referring techniques. Finally, we will empower you to develop dynamic dashboards which will help your organization in developing effective reports.


We offer extensive customized training on areas but not limited to; Loan Books Analysis:  Loan Aging, Yield Analysis, Loan Classification, Analysis and Performance and Accountability Report.

We offer this training at a pocket-friendly amount and we strive to create greater Freedom for your Success.

Please click below for the Excel Scheduled Training for Financial Institutions:

  • Knowledge Series (3 Day programs in Mombasa and other cities charged as low as @ Ksh 29k)