Excel Financial Modelling

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If you want to succeed in the information age by taking control of all your data issues in a way that fully informs your business choices thus realizing smarter decisions, we will give you the convenience you need you succeed.


Microsoft Excel is more than just a data entry grid. Aside from using it to find totals along rows and columns, adept users are able to employ it for budget management, financial reporting, and data analysis. We will show you how to model, analyze and visualize data from multiple sources through techniques that will make it easier to create financial management reports and enable easier data transfer.


Financial modeling involves predictions and decisions that are generated by a simple statistical algorithm and are often more accurate than those made by experts, even when the experts have access to more information than the formulas used.  Inadequate knowledge and tools to interpret vast amounts of data collected by organizations have hampered their ability to make factual decisions.


This program will equip you with modeling techniques, data management, and analysis skills, while also help you develop forecasting and predictive models.


We specialize on Excel Spreadsheet modeling and reporting: Data Management, Data summarization, Data Visualization, Predictive Modeling, Forecasting, and Monte-Carlo Analysis for revenue growth, Financial Gearing, Budgeting, Interactive, Logical functions, Data Modeling, Power BI Desktop, Power map & Power View, and Macros.


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