Creating GREATER Freedom For Your SUCCESS


Recruitment of Business / Data Analysts


Do you dream of achieving career success while simultaneously living a life packed with freedom to keep you happy? CapaBuil Ltdapproaches staff management innovatively to help you realize the coveted status of responsible autonomy and freedom. We are hiring interns/ management trainees with passion for STATISTICAL DATA & BUSINESS ANALYSIS.


Applicants must be very passionate about our cause – Creating Greater Freedom for Client Success!; Be energetic; critical thinker(s); ambitious and holder of a bachelors degree and have worked for at least one year. The position is ideal for those with background(s)/ Bachelors degree in Economics; Statistics; Programming; Business Analytics; Mathematics; Financial Analysis or related fields.


Those without the above qualifications but who possess acquired business/ data analysis skills through experience are encouraged to apply. Good working knowledge of Excel Modeling, SPSS, STATA will be an added advantage.


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How to Apply

Please fill in the profile summary template accompanying this advert and submit as a word attachment. Also attach your detailed CV and send it to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. cc This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reach us by the 30 of September 2018.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Download this file (Profile_Summary_Form_Programmers.doc)Application Profile


Accountancy Careers

Accountancy is one of the safest if not most rewarding careers (Talk to us on this assertion if in doubt!). We know not of any industry, sector, institution or organization that doesn’t require accountancy services. Accountancy fits and is required everywhere. So if you are a great accountant, diligent, innovative, the limit is beyond the sky. Accountants are actually making a massive difference in the world.


Trained Accountants

Make your choice today. Those who are already certified or chartered accountants are strongly advised to join a professional accountancy body – ICPAK, iCPAR, NBAA, ICPAU, ACCA, CIMA etc. This will give you not only a superior market profile but will also expose you to other benefits such as a) Quality and affordable CPD; b) Technical updates on recent developments in the accountancy profession; c) Access to a rich network of professionals which presents a unique opportunity for sharing experiences and learning. Ensure you maintain good standing with your professional body once you become a member (Talk to us for more information on this).



In line with the wise counsel above, we strongly advise students pursuing degrees or other qualifications to enroll for the accountancy qualifications on offer by KASNEB; ICPAU; NBAA; iCPAR; ACCA; CIMA etc. We cannot over-emphasize the benefits of taking this wise and visionary step. You will thank us later!


Career Advice, Mentorship & Coaching

CapaBuil has a series of career advice initiatives for students in Universities and secondary schools. These engagements are conducted in the form of face to face sessions in University campuses, churches, schools etc. We are working to ensure the career advice program takes root, expands is effective towards creating impact and realizing worthwhile change for youths and communities in which they live.


Many youths miss the opportunity to reach the top or realize their best dreams due to lack of effective mentorship. CapaBuil will work with youths to empower and shape mindsets towards ensuring youths have full and decent shots at their dreams. We partner with other like-minded organizations to ensure that this program realizes its intended benefits to society at large.


The Less Fortunate

Our interventions extend to and include visits to homes for the needy including children’s homes to socialize with them as well as give our support in any way possible and particularly inspiring them to reach and tap their best and full potential. During these visits we deliver gifts and charity donations both in cash and in kind.


Leadership, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We understand that the way to change the world is to innovate. Disruptive innovation has delivered gigantic shifts in how the world operates and interacts. Some organizations have disappeared without a trace for failing to innovate and others have risen from nothing to industry behemoths. We are pushing the innovation agenda to a new level through interactions with youths by taking advantage of the investments governments are making in technology and entrepreneurship across Africa.


Africa is rising but can do so even much faster through the spirit of Innovation and entrepreneurship. We don’t know what will come tomorrow. But we know tomorrow will come and change. We have to take the first step in being responsible for creating the new tomorrow. It’s our duty to develop a rich pool of young innovative and transformative leaders. Leaders who are willing to shift boundaries and burst categories. Join this initiative to avoid the raging battle in the red oceans!