Upcoming events

Event Event date Register
CAFE 203: Corporate Credit Analysis and Forecasting, MOMBASA 22-Jul-2019
PSASP 105: Public Sector Accounting Standards International Conference, DUBAI 22-Jul-2019
OPRT 401: Office Professional and Records Management Course, MOMBASA 22-Jul-2019
PBLOP 103: MPS & MCA Legistlators PFM and Budget Oversight Course, DUBAI 22-Jul-2019
FMME 204: Financial Management and Excel Modeling For MGT’ Accountants, MOMBASA 22-Jul-2019
UFAP 100: Unclaimed Financial Assets Seminar, MOMBASA 22-Jul-2019
FAOP 101: Finance & Audit Oversight for Senior Public Officers and Audit Committees, DUBAI 22-Jul-2019
EAT 405: East Africa Annual Tax Conference, MOMBASA 22-Jul-2019
AEDE 102: Advanced Excel Modeling and Dashboard Reporting Practicals for Senior Executives, ARUSHA 22-Jul-2019
EPAT 202: Office etiquette & Personal finance, MOMBASA 22-Jul-2019
IFMIE 402: IFMIS Planning and Budgeting Seminar, MOMBASA 05-Aug-2019
EMFE 101: Excel Modeling Essentials for Beginners Convention, SAROVA WHITESANDS, MOMBASA 05-Aug-2019
CSE 101: CEOs & Senior Managers Public Sector Accounting Standards & PFM, DUBAI 12-Aug-2019
ISOE 102: Practical ISO in Operations and Finance Compliance for Senior Executives, ARUSHA 12-Aug-2019
SAPE 402: SAP Human Capital Management Module for Workforce Analytics Training, MOMBASA 12-Aug-2019
PEGE 100: Executive Administration & Personal Assistant Skills Masterclass, MOMBASA 12-Aug-2019
IFRSE 221: financial reporting standards training, MOMBASA 12-Aug-2019
HRAE 201: Human Resource Metrics & Workforce Analytics Seminar, MOMBASA 12-Aug-2019
PSASP 105A: Public Sector Accounting Standards International Conference, DUBAI 12-Aug-2019
PSIP 100: Public Sector Infrastructure Funding & Public Private Partnerships, Mombasa 12-Aug-2019