Power BI and Programming

Integrated, Simplified, Improved

We offer friendly Power BI and computer programming classes covering Python, Excel and R at diverse levels -beginners, intermediate, advanced and super- advanced levels.

Are you an advanced user of Excel?

Are you familiar with data management, data summarisation, data visualization & interpretation modules of intermediate & advanced excel?

How long does it take you to transform your data into a format that is ready for Pivot Tables and reports?

Do you still perform the following repetitive data cleaning tasks?

  • Deleting rows, columns, or blanks
  • Filtering out data you don’t need
  • Fixing the layout so it will work in a Pivot Table
  • Splitting or joining columns or text
  • Removing spaces and special characters from your data
  • Merging worksheets, text/CSV files together
  • Extracting data from an external database
  • Incorporating the next month’s data to an existing report

Do not lose more time. Call us today and you’ll never feel more empowered after attending our Power BI sessions.